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ba ling ling zhong xin Creative Communication Center

ba ling ling zhong xin is a global creative communication center located at the entrance of Yokohama China Town, which aims communication through not only words but by expression. 8 offices with unlimited potential connect people, things, and thoughts and send out message to the works.
NOGAN+ON design

SNACKS Creative Complex

A creative complex which opened in Hayama in front of the ocean in November,2010. The place which used to be an old Karaoke snack was renovated into a creative complex for local people with creative ideas The first floor is a Gallery and a rental studio. Since its open many workshops and exhibiton has taken part. Since 2011, "Ocean Kindergarten" is taking place every season.The second floor is a rental space where people can also sleep over, the Hotel SNACKS. The third floor is a share office, Creativity is stumulated watching over the blue ocean.
Kentaro Shihaku(Creative director)+Shinsaku Imura(SNACKS manager・Web Designer)+ON design

Yokohama apartment

Yokohama apartment is a residential complex consisting of semi public courtyard canopied by four one-room units for young artists.
The semi public courtyard is a place for exhibition, work, party and recital for people living in the neigborhoods. The public courtyard accpets activities which conventional housing cannot accept.
The report about the activities and daily life is shown in the official HP.

Roppongi Nouen  Agriculture Experiment Restaurant

The restaurant is operated by sons and daughters of farmer.The idea is to connect farms in the country side and the urban city.We renovated a space which used to be a french restaurant by using soil. The reason for using soil is because we thought that soilis an important property for farmers.The soil was delivered from farms across
the country and daubed by people selected from public as an work shopunder the supervise of master plaster Naoki Kusumi.
Roppongi Nouen+ON design

Roppongi Nouen FARM

An urban farm right in the middle of Roppongi which is the center part of Tokyo.People who visit this place can see the process how vegetables grow and also eat the vegetables at the restaurant right next to this farm.This is a place where agriculture and people become close.Glass houses with inorganic iron frame and glass are arranged sterically on a wooden deck just like the surrounding city scape.A farm transported from the country side into the units. Roppongi Nouen+ON design

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